New Updates In Google Play Store Is An Opportunity To Have An Exciting Experience

Before the address of Google I/O keynote address, Google play store was spruced up by web giant. Tuesday night came with an exciting version of that was full colorful home buttons, movies, categories for games. The new version also had an improved space of the “install” and “open” buttons. The individual application pages had these buttons on it. The colorful home buttons are specifically for the apple stores. This exemplarily feature also provides the readers with a benefit of storing a card design.

It gives a different view to the readers by showing the apps in three rows from left to right. There is a slight change in it because the previously version was from top to bottom. “People Details” and “App Data” have also received new syncing options by Google play services. This option has been intended for the games platform of new Google. There is a possibility of the massive updates that is pushed by the web giant. Users are the lovers of games and so it has made the gaming platforms to be more social.

These documents are reviewed by the Android policed. Google play services have come up with new inventions for the readers because it will also sport the functionality of the multiplayer. There is yet more to come on Wednesday during the three-four keynote of Google. The live blog coming up at 9 a.m. will come up with the details and this live coverage will be done with CNET. Google is there to make things simpler for the readers by creating a simple interface. The content dictionary is also emphasized by Google. The reason behind this is the update design tweaks that are a part of a Google.

The new innovations by Google have always given an edge to latest technology and this is what readers love about it. The redesign launch was dramatic in the last month. Once again there were new things by Google like light background and large images. Readers opt for such apps to get an exciting experience and this is ensured by Google itself. Rather this is the overall goal behind the matter.

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