New Thor Featurette : Thor The Dark World

Thor, a supernatural film which was released in 2011, would soon be releasing their sequel. Thor The dark world which is due to be released in UK on October 30 has made the fans waiting for a long time. This sequel mostly covers the happening in supernatural land and so the audience won’t be seeing much of the real world scenes. And hence they wanted to show things they haven’t yet showed, they have concentrated much on the nine realms says Alan Taylor, the director of the movie.”In this movie Thor has been showcased as a king and the challenges of being a king along with the responsibilities” reveals Chris Hemsworth, who plays the role of Thor in the movie.

Our eyes would be taken through a journey of the wonder land of marvel Universe. Thor’s love interest Jane foster would have to come up with terms of being in Asgard, which sounds like a complicated event of actions. There are expectations from the people that spinal tap would be a part of the soundtrack of the movie. The trailer of this upcoming sequel includes behind scenes .

Marvel studios are much occupied with the film campaign. A part of the awareness indulges in showcasing its close relations with Disney. The publicity and the attraction created during the iron man 3 with display of tony stark’s suit, Thor is hoping to gain something more than attraction from the crowd. If a booth was build up to take pictures with Loki, the mass crowd that would be entering the park wouldn’t be an shock.

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