Android Console Similar To Mobile Phones And Different From Traditional Consoles

Android is now coming up with a new console. The console of Android is on the way of evolving as a technological advancement. It’s time for the users to experience a model that is new in current times. The reason for this new innovation is that, the company has always kept itself updated. The advice and feedback received from the developers and gamers have contributed a lot to it. This speech was given by Julie Uhrman, the CEO of OUYA at E3 conference.

The CEO further added on to the encouragement of ten listeners by saying this is not an end to be. He said that it is not the final innovation made by the company and will improvise further. He said in a committing tone that the company will work and move towards betterment so as to introduce changes in the console. The implementation of the technology will make changes in the software and that will result in a new hardware. This privilege will be enjoyed by the gamers in the forth-coming years.

The CEO also spoke about the enthusiasm of the company, regarding a motive to offer best experience to the gamers. He expressed the desire of the company to be a part of the processing chip. The new innovation of the company is named ‘Refresh’ and is a special one. The reason being, it is similar to a mobile application and it is different from the traditional consoles. The company aims at leveraging the processing chips and in the best way. The CEO added on the list of wishes by saying that he also has plans work on the decreasing rate of the process of the commodity and its component.

This it is not enough to leverage the processes, there are yet more of it. The company wants to be sure that are quite enough games that have been optimized for the technology. This will enable the company to show the difference and it is justified. This subject has been hit before the E3 conference too. The criticism of Steam Greenlight spoke about the topic curation that was also a part of their discussion.

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