New System Came Up For Twitter’s Using Mobile App

Finally Twitter has adapted a new two factor system which is relied on app based verification rather than SMS.

Alex Smolen, Twitter’s security engineer was expecting a different technique to implement.

The new technique is that when a user registers with the mobile app, a 2048 bit RSA key is generated and is stored in the mobile with another set of key updated in Twitter’s database. The server will send ask the key to the mobile during the entry and the approval of user will help one to log in. The server will compare the details using the key.

Therefore the user has no more trouble in entering the codes and mobile will do all the rest once the user enters in to the website. The process is more clear and easy. In this technique, the secret is stored in the phone.

One has another method to follow, if the user don’t use mobile.

The codes are not revealed to any other than the mobile and it helps in authentication. This method was in developing from the last one year. The technical team was facing trouble only with the backup issue. One doesn’t has to worry even if they lost their phone as there is a solution even for that though its bit hard.

Social related works when comes under engineering, is bit difficult and the team worked through a flow chart. This technique has many advantages and this is a new door to the higher level of technology.

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