New Kindle Paperwhite, Fitbit Force, SoundTouch Available In Market

New gadgets are coming into the market, despite the government being shut down. Its a clear sign that mere existence of government cannot hinders the rollout of interesting new electronic devices.

Kindle Paperwhite: The 2013 model of Paperwhite has new features as compared to the earlier one, as it has brighter screen, the lines are finer and the reactions are faster. While we’re not huge fans of the “special offers” that hang on the lock screen, or the $30 upgrade that frees you from them, that’s one small criticism of an otherwise lovely e-reader.

Fitbit Force: Its an improved version of Fitbit’s Flex, as it has an altimeter, can connect with phone wirelessly, and measures your activity whether you’re awake or asleep. Its good looking wearing device with a great technology.

Some more new gadgets like Bose SoundTouch, Moog Minifoogers, Sonos Play:1 are released which have infinite features and are really enjoyable.

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