New Instagram Update This Week

This week saw the latest Instagram update for Android with some camera enhancement and video functions. The new feature helps to add videos to Instagram from the phone gallery which allows the user to share the clips with all.

This app helps to edit the photos and bring it to correct level. There are many editing tools available for the user to bring a photo to the expected level.

The Instagram introduced a video making software which helps to make a 15 second clip from the phone gallery, where Vine, its competitor can’t.

$8.8 million was raised by 500px

A photo sharing website, 500px which is Toronto based has raised around $9 million. This site gives opportunity for the rising photographers to expose and sell their works. This site was reported to have 2.5 million users during the last year and the company is now planning to establish in many more countries like Canada with more staffs.

Google’s chief marketing officer is hired by Facebook

Gary Briggs who was a senior VP of Google is now working for Facebook as the chief marketing officer. He is the predecessor of Eric Antonow. Facebook is expecting to avoid the marketing flops through him.

More user base for YouTube’s feature

Features like series playlists, streaming are now accessed to many users. Users with 100 subscribers can use the feature which was once allowed only for users with 1000 subscribers. The main intention of the site is to promote the channels.

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