All New Firefox 24 Is Ready To Download

In this era of updates, we can now experience Firefox 24 which has got WebRTC support for Firefox in Android and its not dramatically different for desktop users. WebRTC is meant for many things such as users will be able to have web-based video chats without a plugin once developers make applications to reap the benefits. One more thing which is equally important, WebRTC is also available in Chrome so inter-operability between browsers should also be potentially possible. NFC capable devices will be able to share browser tabs.

Quickshare made sharing more simplified for Android, Twitter and Facebook user treats it as a huge time-saver, as it has one-click feature that enables you to quickly share links and emails with the sharing service you use most often.

Firefox on Mac OS X 10.7 also gets a new scrollbar style. But Firefox for Android got the special treatment and it has security fixes all around.

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