New Feature By Google Allows G+ Users To Mail You In Gmail

The tech giant, Google announced a new feature in Gmail which will let you send an email from you Google+ account. However, the email address will be only visible when someone sends you an email and vice versa. You can still contact people with a Google+ account by selecting their profile from an auto-complete drop down menu when you compose an email.

So, you can just change the settings through Gmail to allow email via Google+ only from your extended circles, your cicle or completely private i.e. no one. The company is going to roll out this feature in couple of days.

The new tabs which are the latest updates in Gmail will also be used in this feature, as if the mail is from the person which is in your circle then the conversation will appear in the “Primary” tab, and if you don’t have them in your cicle then it’s going to be in “Social.”

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