New Facility, New Look And Free Space – 1TB Free Space Flickr

Yahoo took an inspiring move to up its Ante; it has planned to offer a free space of about 1 Tetrabyte space to all users of Flickr. Yahoo is also planning to update the interface for Flickr that has also already been dated. In order to put things in one prospective, it will have a full resolution, bright photos, pixel- perfect, 1IB free space is equivalent to about 500,000 original. This new 1TB free space comes in a neat package with a completely new redone user interface. It is bigger, neat and is far more appealing as compared to the old photos.


The revamp has made Flickr to reboot the application for photo sharing. It has started to loose eyeballs thanks to the arrival of Google+ photos, instagram and 500px. These are all the young arrivals of Google+. Not only has that even Facebook taken a large pie from the photo sharing site Flickr. The new design of Flickr has put photographs in Flickr in the front and center portion. The new photo screen has a seamlessly new gallery. The new Flickr screen will have less while space in it and is entirely filled up with photos all over.

It has a slideshow of a full screen slideshow in a light box will complete the picture. The free account Flickr also carries an ad. However it will not have any effect on the viewing experience. Redesigning of Flickr has followed the path that has been laid down by iOS app that was revamped in the last year. Android app has followed up with a similar look. This update has given the best thing to the readers and that is an ample amount of free space. The bar graph on top of the web pages should the extent of space that has been used up.

This 1 Tetrabyte of space is not likely to get exhaust up soon. Users have sufficient scope of using it. However if you still find I TB space to be short, you can double it up by paying $499.99. This new look of Flickr has proved to be far more exciting for the users.

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