New Dragon Ball Z Kai Episodes Scheduled For This Spring

There is a very good news for all the Dragon Ball Z fans who might have felt short-changed following the decision to nix the Majin Buu saga from the recently-premastered Dragon Ball Z Kai. New Dragon Ball Z episodes are now finally scheduled to air this Spring. The20th anniversary series was re-dubbed and surmounted in high-definition back in 2009. Plans to end the series were disclosed back in November last year.

As with the original series, the re-mastered version had been commissioned for localization and distribution by Funimation. Sadly, there is a little bit of confusion concerning whether or not or not the new episodes are already scheduled to make their way stateside.

Although Sean Schemmel, English voice actor for Goku, had claimed via twitter that he had been called in to record new episodes back in April of last year, leading many to invest at the time that perhaps Funimation had determined to maneuver forward once Japan had announced their intention to record new voice overs for the arc.

Whatever happened is a thing of past and the good news is that the New Dragon Ball Z episodes are up for airing.

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