Neverland Studio To File For Bankruptcy Soon

Rune factory and Lufia series developer Neverland Co. has ceased operations and can file for bankruptcy soon, the studio disclosed on its website. Recent reports reveal that Neverland’s statement cites recent “changes within the business environment” as one of the studio’s difficulties. The attempts made to secure funding for Neverland’s future development turned unsuccessful. The news follows a press release in August from Yoshifumi Hashimoto, a producer with Rune factory 4’s publisher, Marvelous AQL. Weeks after its release, Hashimoto declared that RF4 had performed to an adequate degree to “green-light a sequel.” Hashimoto conjointly posted on Marvelous AQL’s blog for RF4 after Neverland declared its closure, teasing that while the publisher’s next title will “remain a secret,” the staff members are doing well.

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