Need For Speed Movie Trailer Can Be Cited As Both Funny And Amazing

The forthcoming Need for Speed film has received an extended trailer showing the exploits of Jess- Aaron Paul as he races cars. Not for cash. Not for love. But for retaliation. And probably fun too, because boy does it looks fun. The actual plot is seemingly about a mechanic (Paul) framed for homicide who decides to take revenge on the rich NASCAR racer who put him in jail – but not before first beating him in an exceedingly colossal underground street race, like we do in the game. Seriously, that is the plot. Does it matter, though? The automobile chases look genuinely thrilling with some pretty slick action choreography by stuntman-cum-director Scott Waugh. Plus it successfully makes the viewer wish to play the games, which is a good issue as Need for Speed: Rivals is out this month and if Martin Robinson’s review of it’s something to go by, it’s reasonably extraordinary. You’ll even acquire Paul’s signature Ford pony GT in it.

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