NBA Jerseys To Have Advertising: Adam Silver

Adam Silver has confirmed that there is no need for the NBA fans to fear about the revenue streams as he is trying to figure out new potential revenue streams. It has been said that nothing is off the chart, including the North American men’s professional sports sponsorship: ads on jerseys. Silver believes that the ads on the back of the jerseys will be a reality in the near future.

But don’t worry, fans of the status quo: The NBA will hold off on stitching ads onto the jerseys until they’ve solved all the logistical problems. The league came up with an ideo of adding a 2½-inch-by-2½-inch space on the front of the jerseys for advertising purposes, but soon dropped the idea due to its complexity, According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

“The sense was that we were a little premature on the program and we needed to think it through systematically a little bit more,” Silver told ESPN.

Once they have figured out all the details, the NBA will be sitting on a huge financial support. According to ESPN, Silver said in 2011 that the advertising space could be worth $100 million. With the increased surface area on the front the jersey also includes fewer contrasting colors and less area being covered by graphics, lettering, and numbers. It seems a perfect design if you want to add and advertisement patch.

Whether fans like it or not, sponsored jerseys are coming. However, the increasing popularity of the soccer leagues has helped many Americans to accept the new form. Many youngsters are growing up watching the Premier League where the idea of massive sponsor logos are placed around the chest of the players, and Major League Soccer has already adopted that European style.

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