Natural Selection 2 Now With Female Marines!

Ever wondered why only males are dominating the gaming world?

Be it a mission game or a game of fighting it is mostly seen that males are the center of attention in almost every genre of games and females, if portrayed are always in an inappropriate form and, in a world that is still against having women soldiers and their fight on the front lines, Natural Selection 2 has amazed the world by introducing female soldier models to their online shooter as free DLC.

Natural Selection 2 has made justice with the costumes of female soldiers by providing an armor suit that would offer complete protection and at the same time give a different avatar to females from the glamorous picture in which they are mostly portrayed.

The game is expected to be out around August to September, and also the Special Edition purchasers will be able to play a Black Armor version, and Deluxe Edition owners will get a Deluxe armor.

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