Nani Ends Speculation, Renews Deal – Staying Because Of Moyes

There was recent tip, or rumor per se, that went around about the Manchester United Ace Nani leaving the team for another club. The player has ended all speculation and confirmed all the strong beliefs in his fans by signing a new five-year deal plan with United.

The Portugal International also admitted that he had turned down many good offers from other clubs. He revealed that the new boss, David Moyes, had a huge role to play in his decision-making process. Seems like United fans, or moreover, Nani fans, will see a huge unpaid debt in the favor of David Moyes.

Nani told the Daily Mirror that he is very content with his new deal that he signed with the club. He also admitted to the fact that this summer was not at all easy for him. He confessed to putting a lot of thought into this decision and very generously gave all the credit to Moyes for his staying in the club. He believes it was the best solution.

After all this while, the humble player still believes that he has a lot to offer to the club. He says that even though he received a lot of offers, there were barely any that stood a sufficient chance against United. But for those who think that the only reason and the only way Moyes made Nani agree to stay was that the man promised him a definite spot on the playing eleven, this is not true. No such deal happened. Nani has told that the coach would, for obvious reasons, not guarantee him a spot in the squad. He’d have to work for that spot as much as any other player on the team. And this shall be his objective for the coming season.

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