Much Awaited Nexus 4 – The Flagship Smartphone To Be Launched In Korea

The Flagship smartphone, Nexus 4 from Google hat is produced by LG is expected to be finally launched in Korea. The phone will be launched today and it is possible to buy it through Google Play Store. The smartphone is 4-7 inches and is worth $350. It runs on 4.2 version of Android Jelly Bean and has a memory capacity of 8 GB. 16GB model weighs is worth $405. The device was released to European and United States customers in November 2012. Since its 2012 release, it took a long time to be launched in Korea.


However, there is no official reason or announcement for the arrival to be delayed, neither there is no official comment too. The reason can be the dogged supply of the phone worldwide. The phone is expected to arrive in April in Korea. It is significant because it would have beaten the market of Samsung Galaxy S4. The newest phones of Samsung have been launched first and it has clocked up 10 million shipments in the worldwide. It has been done within one month. It is yet to see whether Nexus 4 will be overshadowed by Samsung in Korea.

After Samsung, LG is leading seller of smartphones and that is then followed by Pantech in the third position. Samsung had bought a stake of Pantech earlier this month for $48 million. However, this has been denied by Samsung and is said that it has no contribution in managing the small rivals of the company. This week has proved to be interesting for Nexus series and LG. Samsung has also announced the release of the white version of the device. The white version has been launched yesterday in Hong Kong and is also expected to be a roll out in the entire world in the next month.

One of the executives gave a contradicting statement, who said that Samsung has not been working on Nexus 5. It is expected that Samsung will take over the future production of Nexus devices. It has been said that Nexus 4 is a great success for both Google and Samsung despite of its production issues.

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