Motorola To Develop A Tattoo That Might Just Work As A Wireless Mic And A Lie Detector

According to reports, Motorola has plans to develop an electronic tattoo and have already patented it. And the credit goes to the R&D department of the company; for some people (particularly those not fond of Bluetooth headsets) it’ll be very convenient.

The tattoo is actually quite similar to the medical sensor that was developed in 2011- that particular device was also an ultra-thin stick-on circuit, and it could be applied to the human skin directly.

The patent mentions that the tattoo has a microphone, power supply, wireless transceiver and a power controller. The device will activate only through a specific audio stream, and signals will pass (tattoo to smartphone) via NFC. The company stated that the device would detect and block out unwanted background noise. There’s also a chance that the tattoo could work as a lie detector.

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