MMA Fighter Joe Torrez Fights Off Four Gang Members In Home Invasion, Killing 1

Marc Raimondi of Fox sports reported that MMA fighter Joe Torrez defended his family members against four gang members, killing one and severely injuring another, also mentioning that there would be criminal charges for his actions. .

C.J. McElhinney , Torrez’s lawyer, has heard “rumblings” that charges may be filed against his client, telling Raimondi: “We’re taking the position that things have taken a turn for the worse.”

The Las Cruces Sun-News reported that the incident took place in the early hours of Jan 1, The report also mentioned that two of the four invaders had weapons, while one of them bought a sharp wodden shank and the grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

Torrez who was accompanied by his two-year-old son, his fiancee, her sister and another woman present, allegedly took out two of the attackers while the others fled the scene. Assailant Nathan Avalos was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, while assailant Sal Garces was found dead near the home of Torrez.

The attack could have been premeditated, reported The Las Cruces Sun-News, Torrez allegedly received a threatening phone call where a man told him (via Raimondi): “I’ll kill you and your family…I’ll go to your house.”

This may or may not be linked to an earlier assault; Torrez’s fiancee’s sister said she had been jumped prior to coming home, and one of the men arrested said the attack stemmed from a prior altercation. stated that Torrez has 1-5 score, but his lawyers said that he has about six and has been training in MMA for 10.

“When he [Torrez] decided to fight, he gave it his all,” McElhinney said. “He was outnumbered. These guys were armed, they were dangerous. His MMA training, his mental toughness contributed. I think that definitely was an edge.”

Torrez and his family have since left Las Cruces.

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