Millions Of Hit Recorded Due To Malware Attack To

According to the reports of The Washington Post, many of the visitors may have encountered with malware and it was confirmed by two internet security firms.

A company Fox-IT have written- “detected and investigated the infection of clients after they visited” Firm reported that the ads diplayed were malicious iframes, hosted on a number of domains.

Ashkan Soltani, a security researcher said that it could be a result of hacking an existing ad network and it could also be a submitted malicious software as ordinary ads.

The signs of infection were first seen in late December, but accoring to the reports of Fox-IT it could be an earlier plan. The firm also updated their original blog post, writing that Yahoo was aware of the problem and “taking steps to fix” it.

The visit recorded was around 280 million and 1.6 billion pageviews per day, according to Alexa estimates.

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