Mike Ditka Regrets Letting Obama Becoming The President Of The US

Mike Ditka thought of a run for Illinois’s vacant senate seat in 2004. The favorite for the seat was the then- state senator, Barack Obama. The republicans simply couldn’t find someone going against him. George Allen, the committee chair and the son of the hall of fame coach, met with Ditka and ushered him to run. Ditka thought about it, but declined later, citing a crammed calendar. It is certain that he would be regretting that action even now.

Ditka inaugurated the North Dakota oil facility last week. He said, “I have no idea why I am here. My secretary sets everything up. And, regarding Obama’s rise to power, it is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. It is not that I would have won it hands down. There is always a chance that I might have and he wouldn’t currently be in the White House.”

It is not a bad idea to write a sequel to “The Man in the High Castle” set in a parallel universe, wherein Mike Ditka became the president. Jokes apart, Ditka deeply regrets that particular even till today.

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