Microsofts Shuts Down All Hotmail to Outlook Upgrades Temporarily

Until a few months ago was running all it’s emails on Google Apps until we reached the 10 account limit. I would’ve been happy to upgrade to Google Apps for business, but it’s quite expensive. I did find a great alternative, Outlook, with a 500 email addresses limit. That really is something. I was sold even though I wasn’t getting those countless third party apps in Google Drive and I was getting SkyDrive which I just don’t find as user friendly as Google Drive. None the less, I made the switch and happily so. The process was quite easy and I have to say Microsoft has done a good job with the web this time around. is a good app, SkyDrive is not half bad and the service has been pretty dandy up until some reports a few days ago.

When I switched, as it turns out I completely forgot to add, a not very often used email. I realized that, this morning when I needed to use it for the first time in 2 months. I went on to to add a new email and done. Pretty simple, eh. Logged in, the account defaulted to the legacy Hotmail app (yeah what’s with that Microsoft), default to outlook already. It’s just better. So I try to look into options for the “Upgrade to” link and couldn’t find it. Did some research and found out that with the recent problems with hotmail and outlook services, Microsoft has shut down all Hotmail to Outlook upgrades, even for the brand new accounts.


It’s just that Microsoft has been improving it’s web operations so well recently and for some reason I don’t expect software giants like Microsoft to run into trouble with something like migration. The simple conclusion of the whole story was that I had to use the legacy Hotmail app for a good 10 minutes. Boy was that a pain. It’s that when I realized that how well they’ve made the new outlook app.

Let me know your thoughts on Microsoft and their web woes in the comments below.

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