Microsoft’s Earbud Will Monitor Your Mood And Health

Microsoft is working on different technology, among them currently companyis working on the project known as Septimu in which, they made a pair of earbuds which will monitor your heart rate, temperature and other biorhythms to figure out your health and mood.

Using this technology, University of Virginia Center for Wireless Health researchers, have generated a smartphone app known as Musical Heart, it will work on Septimu earbuds.

From years we were listening about the PCs which will monitor our senses, and now something related to that is going to be a reality. Musical Heart can be a very smart app, as it will automatically pick the songs according to the mood, if the user is upset or tense, it can choose the song which will help to calm you down or if user is feeling depressed, it may choose a song which can motivate you.

Users can’t have it in there cellphones for now, as these are still among the research projects, but in the meantime, apps like Songza or Stereomood are there to help you.

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