Microsoft To Enter Into Social Media

Microsoft will now forge into social media, after Steve Ballmer announced his retirement. His successor will need to be bolder. Microsoft has largely missed out on social platform which is one of the tech trend in these days, under CEO Steve Ballmer, who will be retiring now.

Rather than it being about the efforts taken, it is seen that the things just haven’t always worked out. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s home-grown social network SoCl, which was accessible to public last December, even among the younger demographic to which it’s geared it has failed to show much sign of attracting a critical mass.

Since 2000, the time when Microsoft had made numerous deals, Ballmer had been at the rudder, if somewhat disjointed for his efforts to bootstrap itself into the age of the social network. Microsoft’s invested in Facebook in 2007, which is claimed to be a social-acquisition bender that included big players like Skype and oversaw, Yammer, Ballmer and the integrated social features into the company’s gaming console Xbox.

But still, how all these efforts will add up to anything that can be called as a real strategy is difficult to judge. Microsoft has left several pieces that Ballmer’s successor will have to try to build into a whole.

When we consider Skype; it was bought by Microsoft in May 2011 for $8.56 billion, that is claimed to be the biggest purchase ever for the company. Skype allowed users to call and message others who weren’t on Skype themselves; and that is the reason why Microsoft acquired it even after having its own messaging service in Windows Messenger Live.

Users were ready to shelve their pockets for Skype as the video and chat messaging service which was so reliable and useful.

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