Microsoft To Act As A Savior- Solves 3,265 Software Piracy Cases

History is proof that Microsoft pursues anyone that pirates its software irrespective of the country or any other factor. The company believes that Software counterfeiting impacts local and global economic growth and creates problems for the users.

Giving more information on the piracy cases, a Microsoft official said Thirty-five of these cases were in the U.S., in 19 different states; and, 3,230 were international cases that took place in 42 different countries which comes as a shock to many. The reason for this issue arises due to people reporting software counterfeit to Microsoft after they find malware and viruses on the items they bought or if the software didn’t work correctly and about 450,000 cases had been reported since 2005.

Lets take a look at the statistics- 33 percent of the software on the market is counterfeit according to a recent study conducted by Microsoft.

Microsoft has taken many steps in order to stop counterfeiters, for example it files more URL takedown requests to Google than any other company claiming that these sites deal in copyrighted or pirated material. Also Between July 2011 and May 2012, Microsoft asked Google to remove a total of 2,544,209 URLs.

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