Microsoft Studios Boss Teases Fan About A New Work By Hironobu Sakaguchi

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios head took on to Twitter to tease a JRPG fan who asked about an Xbox One reveal from creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, well known for Final Fantasy. Asking his query on Twitter, American SenjutsuSage asked: “So when do you think you’re ready to tell us that JRPG Sakaguchi is working on for the Xbox One? I’m just fishing. Humour me.”

Spencer simply replied: “Tuesday….”

So it seems that either a game is in the works and the reveal is coming this Tuesday, or some other Tuesday in the near future. But he might even be pulling the poor fella’s leg, going by his “humour me” quote. But it is quite unclear whether Sakaguchi is really working on something for Xbox One or these are just rumours.

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