Microsoft Releases A Video Ahead Of Xbox One Launch

Ahead of the Xbox One’s launch on November 22, Microsoft has released a video promoting the benefits of Xbox Live. The video features spokespeople from first and third-party studios discussing the advantages of Xbox Live, together with Forza Motorsport 5’s ‘cloud learning’, Battlefield 4’s Smartglass compatibility and Killer Instinct’s background updates. Also mentioned is Dead Rising 3’s co-operative mode, Ryse’s gladiator online mode and the social features of Powerstar Golf. Xbox One will launch in UK, North America and Australia on November 22. Microsoft has proclaimed a series of streamed launch events in the lead up to the console’s official release. Microsoft has spent much of November working on detailing the Xbox One’s user interface, together with its snap features, Kinect voice navigation and customisation. The company also expanded on its plans to supply free monthly games as a part of its Xbox Gold service.

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