Microsoft Listening To Xbox One’s OS Feedback Regularly

Xbox One’s OS will continue evolving as Microsoft integrates input from users, and has already enforced changes on the basis of early adopter feedback.“When we tend to look back and look at what we’ve done, we wish we could still adapt to the system to what gamers want. The team that works on Xbox are gamers themselves. we would like to make the system that we use which we all know gamers would relish using” Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb told

Hryb acknowledged that the Xbox 360′s OS went through a dramatic transformation within the years since its 2005 launch.

“It’s fascinating to examine the various things that have come along. Things iterated. We didn’t even have things just like the party system or the flexibility to support external storage after we launched the Xbox 360,” he said.

“So we have a tendency to area unit completely committed to adding new options to the Xbox One over the course of its life span.”

Xbox One’s OS is kind of totally different from the Xbox 360; take a video tour. Users have criticised the various things in the OS and Microsoft is working on them.

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