Microsoft Explains About The Match Making System Of Xbox One – Smart Match

Microsoft has revealed details about how Xbox One’s matchmaking system, Smart Match, is supposed to work. Its expected to improve the usually tedious process of getting a multiplayer game going.

On the official blog, Xbox Live senior product marketing manager Mike Lavin wrote, “With Smart Match, you can do whatever you want while Xbox One finds your perfect match.” This means the users can play one game while Smart Match sets up another. The users can even watch TV or browse the internet while the match is being set up.

Lavin further explained, “Once Xbox One is done finding your perfect match, it will prompt you with a simple toast – no matter where you are or what you’re doing – so you can jump straight into playing.

Talking about its other features, Lavin wrote, “Smart Match will use advanced algorithms to pair players based on skill, language, and now reputation. It will also take age and even gameplay style into account. The advanced party system will go beyond those you already knew ala the Xbox 360, and will allow players to share their stats with fellow Xbox Live users.

In short, Smart Match is going to eerily monitor every aspect of a player’s behaviour to find their perfect match.

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