Microsoft Executive Smashes Up Windows 8 Criticism

With the plans of launch of the Windows Blue within a short period after the launch of the much acclaimed OS Windows 8, has made critics naturally go tough on it. In this regard, a comment from Richard Doherty came out in The Financial Times comparing the latest OS with the fiasco with the marketing of Coca Cola when it tried out some new formulas but failed to capture the market, in the 80s.

This comparison was not actually taken in the good eyes by the Microsoft officials, and the reaction from the house came out through the words of Microsoft Executive Frank Shaw. The vice president of corporate communication wrote in his blog, a can of soda can never describe a computer operating system, which is structured to provide a different experience to different users so that it can meet the widely varying needs of the users and at the same time move the industry towards notable features like mobility, touch and cross-device experiences.

Shaw added that the plan of Microsoft to implement some new changes to its Window 8 should be praised instead of criticized as it only means that Microsoft is taking the feedbacks and the true reviews in the right sense and trying to update its product according to the needs of the customers. He added that Windows 8 is no doubt a good product, but the motto of the company is to keep on improving on its products, to make the good even better in every sense.

There is indeed some point in Shaw’s word. It has been noticed from the very beginning that Microsoft has continued to work and improve on their own creations, which is no doubt a favorable sign for progress and development to reach the best. In fact, this path has taken the company to its present reach. Going deep into the OS Windows Blue, we can see that Microsoft is bringing back some of the features of its classic operating systems, packaged in a better way, which is certainly going to fulfill different kind of requirements of the users in a better way.

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