Microsoft Awarded $100,000 To A Security Researcher

It’s a big day for a Security researcher James Forshaw, as he was awarded with $100,000. Microsoft kept amount of $150,000 to pay prizes to security researchers for ripping up Windows and Internet Explorer and telling Microsoft about the holes they find. Its simply a bounty program which Microsoft uses to find the flaws in the technology.

Its not revealed that which type of security attack Forshaw has created. Company works in a positive way, so before revealing it, they want to fix it first. But it did say he found something huge, “an entire class of issues.”

When Microsoft started this program, they cleared it that the researcher should come up with a “truly novel” technique that breaks the security protections built into Windows 8.1. It’s a interesting fact that six researchers who won bounties from Microsoft so far, two of them work for Google and both researchers donated their cash prizes to charity.

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