Microsoft Apologizes For Unavailability Of

Microsoft has apologized for the inconvenience caused to its consumers. The outages with respect to and Exchange ActiveSync have been resolved on an immediate basis.

The problem report was issued on the Microsoft’s own website, claiming an apology to their customers whose work was affected due to unavailability of and Exchange ActiveSync earlier this week. The post on the website stated that, Failure in the caching service that interfaces devices like smart phones that use Exchange ActiveSync; was the result of this incident.

Users claimed that, they were not able to use or connect to the service and continuously faced an error. The Next Web claims that some of the users faced issues with the service for 3 long days, although; they were restored pretty quickly.

As reported by Microsoft, the initial failure in the system caused an influx of traffic which, Microsoft services could not handle correctly, unfortunately resulting in unstable services. This led to non-connectivity of the services like SkyDrive via email.

For resolving the issue Microsoft temporarily blocked access via Exchange ActiveSync and resulted in a positive way as users were able to access the services that suffered from overflow of traffic.

Since the incident Microsoft has taken steps to ensure uninterrupted service to its customers and made 2 changes in the networking system. The problem report claims that, the company has increased the bandwidth in the affected part of the system and the one which required error handling techniques to be changed for the devices using Exchange ActiveSync.

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