Microsoft Admits To Be Lacking In Conveying The Xbox One Message

Many analysts opine that Microsoft has royally messed up with branding Xbox One. There have been many other issues as well; there was the “deal with it” Twitter incident, executives telling the people if they want an offline console to buy an Xbox 360, and a confusion on how Family Sharing was actually going to work.

Also, earlier, the Xbox One was an always-online DRM restricted console. After sometime, Microsoft withdrew the DRM. Now, some patrons are petitioning for it back. This has left many of its fans bewildered.

Microsoft officials have, now, admitted that there is more to  do with the Xbox One message.

In a recent interview with IGN, Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten said, “I admit the company has more work to do conveying what the Xbox One is all about. What it tells me is we need to do more work to talk about what we’re doing because I think that we did something different than maybe how people are perceiving it. When I read some of the things like that petition, from my perspective we took a lot of the feedback and, while Xbox One is built to be digital native, to have this amazing online experience, we realized people wanted some choice. They wanted what I like to call a bridge, sort of how they think about the world today using more digital stuff. What we did, we added to what the console can do by providing physical and offline modes in the console. It isn’t about moving away from what that digital vision is for the platform. It’s about adding that choice. Frankly, I think we need to just do more to let people see how the console works, what they’re going to be able to do for it. I think a lot of the things they’re wishing for are frankly there.

Perhaps, Microsoft also knows where they have faltered.

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