Michel Sam’s Openness Of Being Gay May Cost Him His Career

Michel Sam is said to face a browbeat set of challenges which his colleagues need not bother when making a shift from college to the NFL.

The co-defensive player of the year is about to figure out if the USA’s top sport is ready for its first openly gay player.

However it was spotted that several team coaches said on Monday that Sam’s sexual openness would not affect his career but according to the former NFL connoisseur Chris Kluwe, his sexual orientation may hurt his career.

”The majority of players will be supportive of Michael Sam or just won’t care, You’ll have isolated guys here and there who might try to make a fuss about it, but players by and large are very much, ‘Hey, we’re here to do a job, we’re here to go out and play football.” Kluwe said.

He continued:”In terms of the coaching/front office side, I think there’s where issues are going to arise because they are going to look at this like, ‘Hey, is this going to cause a distraction for the team?’ And by distraction, they mean, ‘We’re not really OK with having a gay player on our team, we can’t come out and say that, so we’re going to use the word distraction, And unfortunately, those are the people who determine if you’re employed or not.”

But according to the John Elway who has a unique perspective running the Broncos’ front office now after a Hall of Fame playing career, said Monday he’d have no problem drafting Sam.

”We will evaluate Michael just like any other draft prospect: on the basis of his ability, character and NFL potential. His announcement will have no effect on how we see him as a football player,” Elway said. ”Having spent 16 years in an NFL locker room, the bottom line is that it’s about treating others with respect and earning that respect. By all indications, it appears Michael has done just that throughout his football career.”

Unlike Kluwe several other coaches had no issues with the player being a gay unless he is an efficient player and a winner.

”If anybody can come in and help us win games and be successful – black, white, yellow, straight, gay – I don’t think it matters,” said new Green Bay quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt.

Kluwe said reports that Sam’s draft stock could drop because he revealed his sexual orientation ”basically could have been lifted from any American sporting paper in the 1940s when Jackie Robinson was about to enter Major League Baseball. It’s like we’ve been here before. Why do we have to keep doing the same thing?”

Chris Cooley Former Redskins tight end said “Sam’s performance on the field and as a teammate should quickly overshadow any stereotypes about sexual orientation.”

”I don’t think he faces any challenges as a player. I don’t think he faces a lot of challenges as a person,” Cooley said. ”I think once he establishes himself as the kind of teammate he’s going to be, I think everybody will accept it fine.”

Evan Mathis Eagles All-Pro guard believes Sam will face obstacles no matter what.

”NFL players shouldn’t judge Michael Sam based on his sexuality but some guys will. MLB players shouldn’t have judged Jackie Robinson based on his skin color but some did Whether or not the NFL is ready for it, it needs to happen. There are still people on this Earth who lived through the prohibition of alcohol and the Civil Rights movement. They can look back and reflect on how primitive those times were. Mathis said.

”Current generations will look back at marijuana prohibition and gays having to fight for equal rights and think how primitive those times were.”


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