Michael B. Jordan has met Jack Snyder For A Potential Role In Batman Vs Superman

Michael B. Jordan was reportedly confirmed as one of the new cast recruit in Fantastic Four by the fox. Later it was reported by the Latino Review that the actor has met Jack Snyder for role in Batman Vs Superman, though we don’t see this thing happening for simple reason that Fox would not want their key star to appear on the screen for their rival franchise.

The site stated, it’s a for a recurring role, one that will feature more prominently in later DC Comics films. Knowing that Jordan is African-American, which leads to some speculation that the role could be that of John Stewart/Green Lantern or Victor Stone/Cyborg. The DC universe is huge, and let’s hope that casting is not based on the skin color for the comic roles.
However, what we learn from these rumors is that Warner Bros. and DC Comics are aiming to expand their cinematic world quickly. Again, this is all rumors and nothing has been officially announced. WB has been known for keeping its secrete tight as no one could  predict Jesse Eisenberg or Jeremy Irons would be cast, or that Lex Luthor as a character would be so young. And moreover, there is a lot of time for the studio to plan for their project has the film is due to May 6, 2016.

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