Miami Heat May Use Nicknames On Their Jerseys

Miami Heat’s regular jersey seemed very odd last season.

The conventional white jersey with red lettering and black trim was replaced with several other versions, which included “Deep Red (it was a homage to the 1990s team. A “flaming-T” was the symbol”), “White Hot”(completely white, apart from the black rim), Noche Latina on the Miami Black, “BIG Color(for the Christmas season)” and they wore a special one-time jersey for the banner ceremony, with gold trim and the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

According to reliable sources, the team even discussed an outrageous and never-before-thought of strategy, that of having nicknames.

The nicknames would replace the player’s numbers on one of their alternative jersey.

The team refused to comment on any of the above mentioned news. Any additions or must need NBA approval.

It is not a surprise that Miami Heat is trying out new things. In fact, it is consistent with what Harlem Globetrotters have done. Miami Heat consistently puts on a brilliant show, and it makes sense that they experiment with almost everything that is associated with their game.

Nicknames like ‘King James’, ‘Birdman’, ‘JJ’, ‘Rio’, ‘Batman’ are likely to be well-received by the NBA fans.

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