Matt Ryan To Star In The TV Version Of Constantine

DC and Warner Bros. are planning for a TV version of the Constantine and have appointed Matt Ryan as the TV version of the character. The studio is looking for another success with David S Goyer and well known showrunner Daneil Cerone working on the pilot script which would explore the supernatural detective’s world. It is still to be seen if anyone can replace the sheer dark joy of the character.

The legendary Alan Moore gave the first shape of John Constantine in 1985, as a supporting character in his famous Swamp Thing run. The scene-stealing Constantine immediately became the story’s frontline, making himself essentially as Swamp Thing’s manager in an arc involving the Brujeria: a black magic chaos cult who had quietly taken over the world and were next intent on the destruction of Heaven. Constantine grew rapidly and went to an extent that he was given his own series called Hellblazer in 1988.

Northampton resident Jamie Delano was given the job to pen the script down after Moore rejected the offer, which was followed by sterling work from Garth Ennis, Paul Jenkins, Warren Ellis, Brian Azzarello, Mike Carey, Denise Mina, Andy Diggle and Pete Milligan). The way it is gaining the momentum, it should be on the screen later this year.

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