Manchester United In Race To Sign Gareth Bale – Thomas

Gareth Bale could be headed for Manchester United and not Real Madrid, according to Mickey Thomas.

Buzzing news is that Gareth Bale could actually be headed for Manchester United according to Micky Thomas. “Although Bale has received high bids from Real Madrid, Manchester United might just edge them out”, according to Mickey Thomas. Real Madrid had bid 86 million pounds for Bale. However, a small birdie has told us that Tottenham have received a separate offer as well. Manchester United legend, Thomas, feels that the 19 time premier league champions are very keen on getting Bale to their side.

He said, “The whispers around Old Trafford are that he’s Old Trafford-bound,” An interesting thing to note is that Real Madrid may not have the entire money to land Bale immediately, as they already owe money to Tottenham for the transfer of Luka Modric.

Bale’s stats in numbers

* Age: 24

* Premier League games: 146

* Goals: 42

* Yellow cards: 15

* Red cards: 1

* Wales caps: 41

If Bale makes the move to Manchester United, it would be good news for Welsh football as well as for Manchester United. ‘Barry home’, another welsh star hinted that Bale would be the perfect stand-in for Ryan Giggs, another Welsh stalwart. “United and Chelsea have a lot of money to spend this summer, and Bale would be a very good buy if they could pocket him”, Home said.

An amazing left-footed winger is closing in on his retirement and another one fantastic one replacing him. That would be ideal for any club, especially for a club like Manchester United.

At present, Bale has travelled to Madrid to discuss his prospects. Bale was bought by Tottenham for 10 million pounds from Southampton, and the returns which he has given them are exemplary. He was named the ‘player of the year’ by the Football writers and the Professional Footballer’s Association after having scored 26 goals for Tottenham.

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