Managing Twitter Account Now Easy For Verified Users

Mentioning a verified user on Twitter may now, never give you the result you expect; i.e., the user might never actually be able to see you tweet. Twitter has recently introduced a feature that lets the 50,000 plus verified users, ignore spam bots from the many unverified users.

“All”, “Filtered” and “Verified” are the three new options in Twitter’s “Connect” hub, which allows you to regulate the tweets you view. While “All” displays mentions that everyone sees, “Filtered” filters anything that Twitter’s algorithm thinks as spam. On the other hand, the last option (of Verified), limits the conversations displayed to other verified accounts.

In a blog post, Twitter claimed that it will continue to improve the filtering process and will introduce this function to the mobile app. The reason they added the new feature, apparently was in response to the request made by verified users, in order to let them manage the large number of conversations they’re in, easily.

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