Malware Detected By Microsoft To Hijack Your Facebook Account

Alarming news for the users of Facebook! Your Facebook accounts can now be hijacked by a malware. This malware will appear in the form of Firefox add-on and Google Chrome extension. This discovery has been made by none other company than one of the most reputed, Microsoft. This threat was first discovered in Brazil and was detect as Trojan:JS/Febipos.A.

It time for you to be beware because the respective malware is capable of liking a page, sharing, joining a group, posting, chat, post comments and send invites a becoming a friend to join a group in your Facebook account. However, it depends upon the type of a file. You must not have known to fact that malware author’s gives instruction to the group members of the malware, to keep updated like the other plugins of browsers. The malware checks whether the current Facebook user had logged in to the system. You are unfortunate if you have signed and then the Trojan downloads a file having a list of commands. This file is called a configuration file.

You are not in a liberty to use your favorite social media account because malwares are there to keep on an eye on your moves. In the final conclusion of the analysis report by Microsoft, it has been said that there is a lot more expected threats by the Malware. It is capable of changing the messages, Facebook Pages, URLs and some other activity on Facebook. Visitors are hence advised to keep a security check on the Facebook account and to keep you updates so as to avoid infections.

Despite of the harmful consequences of the malware it is, relieving news for you is that it is not yet widespread. However, its time for the users to be cautious while installing the updates and it should be should be done from a reliable source. The trusted sources for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are Chrome Web Store and Add-ons respectively.

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