Maggie Grace To Return In Taken 3

Taken 3, has officially announced its next actor after Liam Neeson to feature on the film as Maggie Grace. She will be appearing once again as Kim, the daughter of Neeson’s dad with some extra skills.

She has evolved from a drugged kidnap victim in Taken 1, to a case solver in Taken2. And in 3 she is expected to have some extra detective skills. Though unfortunately we do not know exactly what the storyline of Taken 3 will entail plot-wise. What we do know is that producer Luc Besson and Olivier Megaton will be directing, as he did Taken 2. There were reports stating Forest Whitaker playing the villain this time, but there’s no confirmation on that so far. Neither is there any confirmation of Famke Janssen continuing to sum up the Mills family.

Grace has also managed to get herself in a new, untitled Wall Street-set drama pilot for CBS, to be directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).

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