Madden NFL 25- Free Running Feature

Madden NFL has a new ‘free running’ feature in Madden NFL 25, something EA Tiburon sees as being brag-worthy. The company has also released a video showing all the new gameplay features.

Now,The blog says that ‘the Force Impact system and precision modifier give you the ability to do things you’ve never done before.’ All the players have access to each and every one of the Free Run moves, but players that have higher stats, may have them in different versions.


Just to give you a run-down of the moves, here’s the list:

Acceleration Burst (hold down RT/R2)
Deceleration and Stutter Steps (hold down LT/L2)
Jukes, Back Jukes and Jump Cuts (simply flick the right stick left, right or down)
Spins (tapping the B or circle button)
Dives (tapping the X or Square button)
Hurdles (tapping the Y or Triangle button)
Stumble Recovery (simply flick the right stick down to regain your balance or forward to dive for ‘extra yardage)

For those playing as bigger and stronger backs, there’s:

Stiff-arms: tap A or X and do a ‘physics punch’ stiff arm
Trucks and Truck Spins: press right stick forward before impact; your player will lower his shoulder and make an attempt to go through the defender

For players with backs that have great speed:

Left-Right Juke Combos and Precision Jukes (flick the right stick left and then right, or right and then left)
Spin Jukes, Juke Spins and Jab Step Spins (push the right stick left and then roll it 90 degrees forward)
Precision Back Jukes and Back Juke-Spin Combos (Hold the precision modifier and pull the right stick back, then roll it left or right for the spin)

For more details, check out EA’s blog post. Madden NFL 25 is set to release on August 27 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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