Lumix GX7 Is Expected To Be Out By September

Panasonic has introduced Lumix GX7 with a new outlook. It is the heir of GX1, which is mirror less. The new model has electronic viewfinder, 16 MP sensor and a 3 inch touch screen for the display.

It has a metal body to give a good outlook. The sensor which is accommodated in the camera is latest one and it has the capability to improve the color and light sensitivity. It has many good features over its ancestor. The picture clarity is very admirable for this model.

It also features the remote controlled Wi-Fi and NFC system. This model is reported to be more user friendly and has more shutter speed.

The model is expected to be in stores by September and it can be acquired for $999.99 and the rate of 14-42mm lens will be $1099.99. The micro Four Thirds lens ecosystem is claimed to be sturdy and is said to win many hearts during its release.

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