Lukaku Believes His Team Can Finish On Top-4

Romelu Lukaku (Everton striker) believes his team have all the certainties to secure a top four finish this season if they keep their winning streak.

The Everton striker was back on form with the ruthless win 2-1 win over Southampton back on Sunday .

Lukaku told reporters ahead of Everton’s game at Stoke on New Year’s Day, “You can mention us as an outsiders for the league now, and you don’t need to be shy about that”

“If we maintain our winning streak and our focus we will definitely find ourselves in the top four. Till now our season has been great with just two losses and lots of wins. In the games we drew we weren’t ruthless enough, so if you change that and become more serious it becomes more wins and then we are up there. It definitely not surprises me of we being in top four contenders.

“You have got to when you look at our points. I knew from the first day that I arrived on the training ground and trained with the team. The quality is here.”

Lukaku went to add “There is not much of a difference [between Chelsea and Everton] and that is why I think I made a correct choice, I knew this after my first training session with the squad.

“I didn’t want to say anything to the players, but then I spoke to Phil Jagielka on the and said: ‘This year we will do something special because you are all special players’. I have trained with the best players, in my eyes, in the country, and I’m telling you, these Everton players are not far from it.

“Phil just laughed at me, but I was very serious and now we are seeing the results with a lot of great performances. In the coming Year we have to be more consistent and work hard and change those draws into wins and then we will be up there.”

Lukaku also mentioned about his recent drop of the form would be because of the grueling schedule in the Premier League, with his experience of starting so many games this season proving to be a challenge to the 20-year-old Belgian.

“I have found it hard at some points, after the [Manchester] United game [earlier this month], I felt I wasn’t as sharp and as fresh as at the start when I had something like seven league goals in eight games,” he added.

“Since my time at Anderlecht, and I am talking three years ago, I haven’t played this amount of games. I knew that if I didn’t score I had to defend for the team or give an assist. I knew that I would score sooner rather than later because of the work I did.”

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