Lords Of The Fallen Will Be Good But Not Very Creative

Lords of the Fallen doesn’t aim to startle players with an all-new form of gameplay, with developer Deck 13 instead hoping to reap the foremost thriving components from other titles in one package. Producer Tomasz Gop told a website that Lords of the Fallen makes no claims to massively innovative strides. “Cutting the long story short, it’s not ‘unlike anything before’. It’s more like ‘all the most effective games you’ve played before’,” he said. “We’re aiming at obtaining the various proportions of ingredients from RPGs, fighter games and even strategies into one massive bowl to create a soup that’s spicy, filling and addictive.” Gop reportedly acknowledged a comparison to Dark Souls when discussing Lords of the Fallen’s “challenge without punishment” design pillar, that is meant to alter players to grasp exactly why they’ve failed

The game will likely be out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in (northern) autumn.

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