Have A Look At What Hearts Of Iron IV Has In Store

After the huge success of Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV, Paradox is coming back with another beloved grand strategy series, Hearts of Iron, with the recently announced Hearts of Iron IV.

The Hearts of Iron series focuses on the World War II era of world history and contains a way more targeted focus on combat unlike other Paradox strategy games. If you were interested in Crusader Kings II or Europa, but felt weak or bored by some of the headier mechanics, this might be the grand strategy game for you. While the majority of the World War II dealings are centralized in Europe, Hearts of Iron permits you take management of any country from the period, from Venezuela to USSR or any damn country you want to manage. You’ll alter the course of history or attempt to repeat history with a major power, or simply attempt to sustain yourself — and perhaps even have some bigger impact — with a smaller power.

The first factor that is highly appraisable in Hearts of Iron IV was the really pretty map. Having eye-popping HD maps is a very important part of the game.

The seasons also play a very important part in deciding your strategies, and they are represented on the map at zoomed in levels. Like you’ll see that the huge mountains that will be there will act as a challenge to you after being covered in heavy snow.

Also, for multiplayer there is a 32-player mode, in addition to the single-player. You’ll have everyone play as their own country, or perhaps co-op play a country. This grand strategy game comes to PC, Mac and Linux in early 2015.

Via: Destructoid

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