Lizzy Caplan Reunites With Seth Rogen & James Franco For ‘The Interview

It is true that “Freaks and Geeks” launched a lot of careers. However, one needs to observe the talent which it has produced. Paul Feig, James Franco, Martin Starr, Judd Apatow, Linda Cardellini, Busy Philips, Jason Segel and many others. Indeed, “Freaks and Geeks” is a special place to be in. All the talented people have been spread around the world. Most of them are involved in projects. Seth Rogen and Lizzy Caplan

To say “Freaks & Geeks” launched a lot of careers would be an understatement, but one only has to look at the talent in front and behind camera—Judd Apatow, Paul Feig, James Franco, Martin Starr, Linda Cardellini, Busy Phillips, Jason Segel and many more—to know it was a very special place to be at the time. Indeed, all the talent has cross-pollinated in other projects since, but two familiar faces haven’t been seen together on screen since then: Seth Rogen and Lizzy Caplan. Granted, Caplan popped up in a single episode of “Undeclared,” but it seems destiny didn’t want them paired up again (until now). Deadline reveals that Caplan has nabbed the lead female role in “The Interview,” set to be directed by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The duo’s directorial follow-up to this summer’s smash hit “This Is The End” will find Rogen back with James Franco (“Pineapple Express” reunion!) in a movie that centers on a talk show host and producer who somehow get mixed up in a plot to assassinate the leader of North Korea. Caplan will take the role of Agent Lacey, which we presume is a U.S. government type who gets caught up in the proceedings. Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool reports that rising comic Randall Park (last seen in “Veep” as Danny Chung) has bagged the role of Kim Jong-Un, while Jamie Chung is reportedly being sought for the role of a member of Korean president’s team who falls for Rogen. But neither of these are confirmed.

Either way, it’s more high concept stuff from Rogen and co., this time around around (presumably) without the meta winks at the audience. And we’re just glad to see Caplan continue climbing up to the top, as her newShowtime series “Masters Of Sex” recently launched to what seems to be pretty good buzz. And in case you’re still playing at home, Caplan was in “127 Hours” briefly, so it hasn’t been as long for reunion with Franco.

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