LinkedIn Milestone Set – “To Have 20 Million Registered Users In India”

Another LinkedIn milestone – 1 million users or about 20 % of the Singapore’s population, has registered into it. This is another milestone set by the social network in Asia. The first was to have 20 million users in India, registered into the site. India is the second largest worldwide market after United States of America who is the first one. LinkedIn stated up in the month of November in 2009. The surprising announcement made by the company was that the signups have increased to about 200 percent from the time it has been opened.

The vast network of LinkedIn users holds about 225 million user base and India is having 9 percent of it. Asia Pacific has 40 million users in it and India is having half of it. LinkedIn has is being used by most of the industrial users but the prime users are computer software, accounting and It services. This is mainly that of in India. The tops skilled users in India are sales, management and accounts training. There are numerous factoids in the LinkedIn profile; the common ones are Bollywood, Yoga, Cricket and Curry. These are the keywords mentioned in the profile.

The factoids also include the employers who have their profiles in the social network. There are mainly of IBM, Infosys and TCS.

The top three locations where Indians are lovers of their jobs are Jalandhar, Ganganagar and Delhi-NCR. It is not only the noticeable figures of the LinkedIn users that are worth making a record; the company also has its offices in India. It has its offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bengaluru. The HQ is located in Mumbai, besides it has two locations in Gurgaon and Bengaluru has technology center in it. It is remarkably the first center outside the boundaries of United States of America.

LinkedIn is ten years old after it celebrated its 10th Birthday this month. This service is fast growing in APAC where it has its regional office in Singapore. After India, the tops markets are Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. The company announced that there is a long way to go in spite of the presence in India.

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