LG sales figures up 10 percent by 12 million smartphone sold

LG Second quarter earnings rolled out recently and brought a big smile for LG. With additions of upto KRW15.23 trillion ($13.6 billion) in revenue, an increase of 10.1 percent YOY triggered by shoot up in sales mainly in mobile phone division.
In total 12.1 million LG smartphones were shipped in the April-June period, their highest-ever quarterly figure in history, and revenue figures were up 34.5 percent to KRW3.12 trillion ($2.78 billion), comparing to same period last year. But operating profit figures of KRW479 billion ($426.9 million) and net profit of KRW156 billion ($139.04 million) are not that great as compared to trend.
Demands have been slightly reduced in current months, but company has got huge expectations of cashing in on volumes with devices like L-Series II, F-Series and premium G Pro and LG G2.
Sales figures might boost with the launch of LG’s new flagship device the G2, on 7 Aug in New York. Specs of G2 are impressive with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, support for LTE-Advanced.

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