LG Has New Things In Store – A Demo Of LG 5-Inch OLED Panel

The SID’s annual display exhibition came up with new surprises for the audience in Vancouver. The big news is has been given by LG. “LG is planning to demonstrate a 5 inches OLED panel”. It has been specially created for mobile devices and is constructed with plastic. The making of this material makes it unbreakable and flexible. It can also be said to be with a welcoming quality to the design of smartphones.


Display will have 5 and 7 inches of HD oxide TFT panels. The first size will feature a bazel that has a width of 1 mm. The panel will automatically enable a borderless frame when it is installed on a smartphone. Both the displays are light in weight and also consume less power as compared to that of its equivalence traditionally. LG will have a laptop panel in hand of 14 inches 2560×1440-pixel. It will also have the LCDs that are designed on refrigerators as well as on dashboards.

The product will be live from SID show floor at the end of this week. The Korean press release also indicated that users are expecting a launch of 55-inch curved OLED TV in the next month. The shipments will be staring from June. The product is of a depth of 4-3 mm and weighs about 17 kgs. This mainly because of the reinforced frame made of carbon fibres. The 55 inches curved OLED TV has a screen like that of an IMAX theatre. It has cured edges mainly towards the viewer. This has a significance of providing amore immersive feeling at the time of viewing it.

Audience is anxiously waiting for LG’s flat OLED TV to see a wider release. Updates says that LG company itself has confirmed that pre-orders will start from today in about 1400 retail outlets having price of about 15 million Korean won which is approximately $ 13500. Besides that wit will also have a healthy bump over the version of $10 KMSRP. Moreover the release date of the product and its pricing in the Korean market is expected to come up in the Month of July. This press release has kindled up the excitement in the minds of the audiences.

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