Level 50 Boost For Lord Of The Rings Online Characters Available Now

The title is correct and yes, you can now buy a level 50 boost for your Lord of the Rings Online characters directly from the developers and it’s totally legit. You can buy this via the MMO’s online store until December 19.

It has been named as the ‘Gift of the Valar’ and will cost you 4,995 Turbine Points. Well clarifying the Turbine Points issue, 6,300 TP costs $59.99, and keep in mind that it is the most inexpensive option you will have if your account is empty. Apart from this instant level boost of your character to 50, the Gift of the Valar also comes in with the following in-game items:

* A set of level 50 gear

* 1 Gold piece

* An LIXP rune, worth enough XP to bring one LI to level 10

* 4 ranks of each virtue

* The Riding skill

* A Dusky Nimblefoot Goat

* A 25-stack of food that scales with your level

* A 25-stack of Morale and Power potions that scale with your level

* 5 +100% XP Boosts

* A single-use map to Rivendell

* 25 Mithril Coins

Spend some money and jump straight to level 50.

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